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5 reasons to avoid addiction to frameworks .

Argumentative discussions are not strange things to every programmer, as they either have come across it on Internet or has directly been involved at one time or the other. At times, when they feel like reading through people’s view one some particular frameworks, they end up joining the discussion with an unknown force. Every programmer before deciding on which framework to choose is expected to have made detailed findings about the framework as to why people use it, why some other consider it unfit for their project and so on. This preliminary act is expected because choosing among multiple frameworks to use for your project rely on the capability of the framework plus your personal interest.

It’s no news that using framework for project has lot of advantages ranging from the Easy-to-use feature to the community support you get when you have questions/issues in the process of using it. But have you ever mull over the drawbacks you expose yourself to through the use of these frameworks. The limitations involve, why you haven’t think of doing something different from what the framework has brought.

Today, I will discuss 5 reasons you shouldn’t get addicted with the use of framework. I’m sure you will consider buying me a cup of coffee after reading through.

– Abstinence from the basic.

This explain the philosophy behind seeing no advisor encouraging you to start with framework, rather you will be told to learn the basics of the language. Using framework exposes you to easier way of getting tasks accomplished and at the same time draws you away from the basics.

Getting accustomed to this pattern makes you vulnerable to other reasons discussed below.

– Limitations to the scope of the framework.

While reading through a discussion on Programmers’ Hub Nigeria group on WhatsApp on php and one of its framework (laravel), Someone has said he hasn’t consider learning laravel because he feel he would be limited to some things during development; framework won’t provide him total control over his code like he can do with ordinary php.

While this assertion might be wrong to some people, a similar point was deduced from this article claiming most websites have the same Interface. Like Mary Collins has said, another major drawback from unique web layout is the fact that all libraries and frameworks has come in with limited alternatives to some problems and that constituted to why you find most websites with similar layout, navigation bar not looking much different from each other aside from the change in background color.

– Instability

I remember telling a friend who is a front-end enthusiast to learn Bootstrap, and just a week after that day Bootstrap 4.1 was released leaving the guy confused on what to do, whether to continue using the previous version he was just trying to master or move on to the newly released version.

Aside libraries, these same issues happen across all frameworks. New versions are being released and if one fails to match up with the changes, you end up being left out and skillfully outdated.

Believe it, a downfall to the framework render you redundant and old schooled.

– Consumer of all time.

One great consequence of No 1 is that you keep being a consumer of all time; you may not think of built the next framework that people can make use of. Reliance on getting your job done quickly can make you a full time consumer of product that you may not think of the future and what it has in pack.

– Dynamically unfit for change in need.

Lastlyevery organization demands in people knowledge in in framework and you might be wondering why it’s taking time for you to catch up with the organization’s need especially when they decide to switch to another framework. This uneasiness could be cause by No 1.


Using framework should be done with cautious mind. One needs not to be limited to the scope which the framework provides in order to avoid just being a consumer of all time. Learn the basics and enjoy the crazy moments with it.

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